Fix Magento Reset Password Error – Fatal error: Call to a member function setCustomerId()

We recently had users report issues when resetting their password via the magento customer area. The error message users were getting was: Fatal error: Call to a member function setCustomerId() on a non-object in /app/code/core/Mage/Customer/controllers/AccountController.php on line Read More

Mark Partition As Inactive

So you have multiple partitions marked as active, perhaps you accidently selected the option to mark partition as active. Well we have the perfect quick fix for marking partitions as inactive. You can easily mark a partition as active through the disk management component of windows, but Read More

cPanel Fix 550 Access Denied – Invalid HELO name

After migrating to a new cPanel server i found several users getting the message “550 Access Denied – Invalid HELO name” when trying to send email. After a bit of digging we were able to find 2 fixes So what does this error mean? 550 is the error code (with a handy message Read More

Fixed: Magento saving product very slow

OK here’s a quick simple fix for a magento problem that was doing my head in for a few days. Recently i had the pleasure of upgrading a clients magento to version1.6.2.0 from the 1.5.x.x chain, long story short I had a range of problems which Ive progressively fixed over the last few Read More

Magento Fixed: An error occurred while saving the URL rewrite

I recently upgraded magento to and had some major issues with SEF URLS and Re-indexing URL Rewrites After the upgrade I found that all search friendly URLs and product structures were MIA When i saved products and entries there was a massive delay / lag Re-indexing URL Rewrites Read More