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CONNECT ERROR: Couldn’t resolve host ‘magento-core’

If your getting the error CONNECT ERROR: Couldn’t resolve host ‘magento-core’ while attempting¬† to install or upgrade magento or a magento extension its becasue of some changes depending on the version of magento you are running. Alot of tutorials will reference extension Read More

How to reset magento orders, customers and associated transaction data

Here is an easy way to reset all order, customers and other associated data from a magento database. This also includes sales transaction data There are a few different pieces of code floating around – but i found issues with paypal automatically cancelling invoices with the other code Read More

Cpanel log file locations – PHP, FTP, mySQL, CPanel/WHM

Cpanel servers contain a wealth of information in their associated log files. Below you can find many important log file locations which will aid in the troubleshooting of server issues. If you know any other handy log locations please let us know. Kernel Boot & Hardware error logs Path : Read More

Google Plus – Already invited? We’ve temporarily exceeded our capacity. Please try again soon.

Since the launch of Google plus (Google +) the socialnetworkosphere has been ablaze with people trying, begging, and performing for an invite. Well looks like Google themselves have underestimated the popularity of what is potentially the next big social network on the block. Some users are Read More

Horde Address Book Missing in Cpanel after domain change – FIX

Hey here is a quick fix for a problem with the horde address book in cpanel going missing. We found that after we changed a customers primary domain in cpanel (to a new one) one thing it didn’t update was the horde address book database. lucky this is a quick fix! Say the users email Read More