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Fix Bug in Mailman version 2.1.13 error

For a while now we have been seeing the ocassional mailman error such as this below. Servers running Cpanel Bug in Mailman version 2.1.13 We’re sorry, we hit a bug! Please inform the webmaster for this site of this problem. Printing of traceback and other system information has been Read More

e107 Exploit – “rocknrollaaaa” information

Just a quick alert to the server admin community there seems to be a new wave of exploits targeting the e107 CMS. Our honeypots have detected a run of the mill remote file / command injection specifically targetting the e017 contact php file The remote exploit targets in a way attacks a  a weak Read More

FFMPEG Watermark video without vhook solution

So recently ive been playing around with ffmpeg, ive found it quite a useful tool for converting video types, encoding / compressing for online use.

I had quite a challenge on getting it all setup on centos with CPANEL, using the latest SVN versions and libraries.

One of the reasons i went from using an older somewhat functioning version,was that version seemed to fail when converting any avi to flv. Other formats worked fine. More…

Folder – hidden attribute greyed out – Easy Fix!

So, most likely you are recovering from a malware or virus infection and you have found that on certain folders you are unable to untick the hidden attribute (usually greyed out). Well heres a quick and simple fix! More…

FIX: windows 7 slow install 64bit

Well i finally had the chance to install windows 7 on a new 64bit i7 rig. Boy did i have my work cut out for me.

After getting home, unpacking my new hardware and connecting it all up, i found it suddenly took about 10 minutes for the install screen on windows 7 to come up. Each step took about 20 minutes, and it stopped on unpacking files. I knew something was wrong – and began isolation testing the new hardware. More…