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how to completely remove Norton / Symantec

Norton (Symantec) products can be notorius for problems related to failed installs and uninstalls. Often we find the removal of the security product leaves traces throughout the whole communications stack. This of course results in failed internet and network connections and many other PC performance issues.

Well lucky the folks at Symantec have a neat little utility tucked away for the total removal of every norton / symantec product.


Restart or start and stop apache linux with cpanel

The standard start/stop scripts are located in /etc/init.d or for older linux versions /etc/rc.d/init.d. Stop apache: /etc/init.d/httpd stop Start apache: /etc/init.d/httpd start If you run cPanel there is a restart script located at /scripts/restartsrv. To restart Apache run /scripts/restartsrv Read More

program Philips flattv

This is more fore my records, but maybe it will help someone out there. If you need to bring up the configuration menu for a Philips flattv so you can tune it, or control the various config and security options you need to enter the below combination on your remote control. 319753 mute a Read More

Pipe email to a php script

Based on an old article written in 2002 at that explains how to pipe an email to a php script.

This should work with any php CGI build More…

Installing XP SP3 Fails With Registry Permission Error

When installing Microsoft XP SP3 many users have reported errors due to permission problems in the Windows registry which then causes the service pack to fail.

Windows Registry permission problems are often caused by anti-virus software, or connecting / disconnecting from different domains(network environment) Or even Malware, Spyware and virus