FIX: windows 7 slow install 64bit

Well i finally had the chance to install windows 7 on a new 64bit i7 rig. Boy did i have my work cut out for me.

After getting home, unpacking my new hardware and connecting it all up, i found it suddenly took about 10 minutes for the install screen on windows 7 to come up. Each step took about 20 minutes, and it stopped on unpacking files. I knew something was wrong – and began isolation testing the new hardware.

I checked all my cables. Nothing. I tried the new DDR 3 Modules 1 by one. Nothing. I moved on to test the new hard drive (incase it was DOA – gee 1 tb  hard drives take ages.) . Nothing. i even toyed witht he bios to see if i screwed something up. Nothing. By this time i was more then frustrated several hours had passed and it was still happening.

During the install the CD would spin up occasionally but not much more, and the entire windows 7 install process was extremely slow. I decided to check out the bios again, and go through and disable every non essential feature 1 by one.

Well i found the answer – and it was a simple one all i had to do was simply disable the floppy drive all together (i didnt even have one plugged into the motherboard) and BANG the install was underway.

I hope the simple solution will help someone else and save them the aggravation. Now onto the next drama windows 7 64 bit drivers for my hardware (Wless NIC)! argh

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