Horde Address Book Missing in Cpanel after domain change – FIX

Hey here is a quick fix for a problem with the horde address book in cpanel going missing.

We found that after we changed a customers primary domain in cpanel (to a new one) one thing it didn’t update was the horde address book database. lucky this is a quick fix!

Say the users email address was [email protected] and they changed their domain to [email protected] the horde address book database (specifically the `turba_objects` table) doesn’t get updated with the domain modification.

Steps to fix

  1. Log into WHM as ROOT
  2. Navigate to phpmyadmin
  3. Navigate to the horde database
  4. select the SQL tab option
  5. insert the following code (wnsure you modify as required) and hit go

UPDATE `turba_objects` SET `owner_id` = replace(owner_id, ‘[email protected]’, ‘[email protected]’)

You will need to do that for every email address that is missing the horde address book data.

hope this helps!

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