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Remove old Kernels from /boot safely

Boot partition full? It’s most likely old kernels, here’s some simple commands to clean up /boot by safely removing old kernels with yum # Install yum-utils (if they aren’t already installed) yum install yum-utils # Cleanup old kernels and don’t keep more than Read More


After installing the latest windows 10 updates we were presented with a reboot loop, with the blue screen of death. The error presented was KMODE EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED What failed aswNetSec.sys We were unable to boot into safe mode initially, which complicated the issue. Before i was tasked with Read More

Google Chrome Browser Flashing / Flickering FIXED!

Here’s a simple solution to the annoying flickering problem that can occur in google chrome browser. Here’s The Problem: Quite often I find I’m browsing a web page and all of a sudden google chrome starts to flicker or flash, usually, if I mouse over the scrollbars it tends to Read More

OpenVbx + twilio Could Not Validate this request FIXED

Today i found my online phone system which utilises a combo of openVBX and twilio was failing with the automatic message of  “Could Not Validate this request” After a bit of troubleshooting i found a workaround – here’s my findings Symptoms: Twilio / OpenVBX call failing Read More

Open Powershell as Admin from command line

Here’s a quick solution which allows you to open a powershell instance as an admin from command line.

In my case i was locked from using start menu, or even right click would lock my system and i needed to run a SFC as admin. More…