Anywhere Access: An error occurred while setting up your domain name

A strange error appeared on a Windows 2016 essentials server over the weekend, and came to light when I was trying to renew an SSL certificate for Anywhere Access. The error I encountered was An error occurred while setting up your domain name

Here’s a quick how-to fix for any one else facing the issue.

example of the error screen

Full error:
An error occurred while setting up your domain name: The domain name was not setup for your server. Wait a few minutes and run the wizard again. An unknown error occurred.

I tried the standard trouble shooting and repair steps to see if they would work – without any luck. The in built repair function processed for a minute or 2 then failed with the same error. Event viewer didn’t reveal anything immediately!

Fix Incoming 🙂

After numerous websites, suggestions and dead ends, I happened to stumble across a registry patch that did the trick

Download Reg Patch (rename .txt file extension to .reg)

As usual backup your registry before renaming and running this file

Contents of file

 Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Title: RWA-fix (260 clicks)
Filename: rwa-fix.txt
Size: 681 B

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