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e107 Exploit – “rocknrollaaaa” information

Just a quick alert to the server admin community there seems to be a new wave of exploits targeting the e107 CMS. Our honeypots have detected a run of the mill remote file / command injection specifically targetting the e017 contact php file The remote exploit targets in a way attacks a  a weak Read More

FFMPEG Watermark video without vhook solution

So recently ive been playing around with ffmpeg, ive found it quite a useful tool for converting video types, encoding / compressing for online use.

I had quite a challenge on getting it all setup on centos with CPANEL, using the latest SVN versions and libraries.

One of the reasons i went from using an older somewhat functioning version,was that version seemed to fail when converting any avi to flv. Other formats worked fine. Read the rest of this entry »

How to optimize a website for Google and Yahoo?

Now that you have created a website and you want to earn from this little gem, you need to learn search engine optimization. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is not that hard to learn but the problem comes when you want to ensure top spot on both top search engines ie Google and Yahoo.

Read the rest of this entry »