The convienience of Remote Support

Recently I had the misfortune of my work computer suffering a software meltdown right before the end of the day, to make things worse I had a critical report due by close of business.

The issue stemmed from a recent upgrade of office to 2010. I tried (in the little time I had free to repair the fault myself – without any luck.

Time to give IT support a call I thought. I began to dread the call, the guidance through 100 things before we find the answer (I know I know troubleshooting is part of the process) and the fact that i wouldn’t be able to do anything while i was being assisted.

Well I got a pleasant surprise. The IT Support company have recently upgraded their IT support process to now include remote support. All that was required was secure remote access

While i got on with my pressing tasks, i could see the support team hard at work, fixing my problem – without my need for intervention or assistance. It was a simple task to allow remote support access

Problem Solved

This really got me thinking how streamlined support is, its a far cry from the manual, lengthy support calls in the past.

If your it support company doesn’t yet make use of remote support to support your office, quite simply i’d suggest looking for a company that does.




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  1. Thanks for this.

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