Open Powershell as Admin from command line

Here’s a quick solution which allows you to open a powershell instance as an admin from command line.

In my case i was locked from using start menu, or even right click would lock my system and i needed to run a SFC as admin.


Open Powershell first:

Open Run (start menu or winkey + R or via task manager)

Type PowerShell to spawn a PowerShell session.

Once the session is open:

Type Start-Process PowerShell –Verb RunAs and press Enter.

That will open a new Powershell process as Administrator.


You should now be good to go with whatever you needed to run as an admin.

I tested this on windows 7 and windows 10. If it worked for you please let us know.

If anyone knows how to spawn a command prompt as admin from a normal command prompt please share!

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