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Could not find the file flash.ocx – FIX INCLUDED

Could not find the file flash.ocx

Some third party screen savers are designed to make use of the flash player software when running.

A third-party screen saver is something that has been installed and is very different than the built in screen saver that is part of Windows.

These screen savers are hard coded to reference the file flash.ocx and recent version of Macromedia’s (Adobe) Flash application now name the same file flash9.ocx or even flash9c.ocx etc.

Which results in the errors such as;

  • “Could not find the file flash.ocx”
  • cant find file flash.ocx
  • cannot find file flash ocx

I may also reference other versions such as flash.ocx flash9b.ocx, flash9c.ocx flash9e.ocx

To fix this simple problem, you have two options.

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