How to optimize a website for Google and Yahoo?

Now that you have created a website and you want to earn from this little gem, you need to learn search engine optimization. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is not that hard to learn but the problem comes when you want to ensure top spot on both top search engines ie Google and Yahoo.

Normally people promote their website using the SEO techniques and they are amazed by the results because they rank high in one search engine and they attain a lower rank in the other search engine.

This is where you need to learn a lot and this piece of information is targeted to enable you to get high ranking in both the search engine namely Google and Yahoo.

The first thing that you need to learn is that every search engine uses a different algorithm to index your website. You need to take the algorithm into account if you really want to rank higher.

Google reads inbound links where as yahoo reads the keywords density and Meta tags.

No search engine depends on one such method but they use all the methods; the difference is that one lays emphasis on one thing and the other emphasizes on the other thing. This is what you need to keep in mind above all other techniques.

Google owns the patent for Page Rank and this leaves Yahoo and other search engines with no other options but to use other techniques to index web pages. Alternatively they use url name, keyword density etc to rank the websites.

The other thing that you must take notice of is keyword targeted URL. If your URL name does not include the keywords that you are writing about, you should consider buying a domain that contains the keywords.

A Meta tag is another thing that the web owners have been concentrating on for years. Once this was the main tool for search engines and they used meta tags to index websites. Now a days its not that important anymore but Yahoo will still rank you better if you have done your work on meta tags.

Keywords density is another important factor which determines your rank on a search engine. It has been said a million times that keyword density must remain in between 2% to 3% but Yahoo still looks for keywords density in between 6-8%. Make sure you do not go over 8% as this will have a negative impact over your ranking.

Link building can get your higher on Google. You should make such an appealing website that others will feel compelled to link to you. This will give you a much better ranking in the Google’s search engine and will help you to get to the top 10 results.

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  1. Super-Duper site! I am loving it!! Will come back again – taking you feeds also, Thanks.

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  2. I think having unique relevant content is the key. It may take long to do, but it is also long lasting from an SEO viewpoint.

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